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Drafting Commercial Agreement



When your day to day workload involves the drafting and negotiation of legal documents governing the business relationships of your clients, the new 2009 edition of Richard Christou’s “Drafting Commercial Agreements” will function superbly as your practical guide and mentor to go with his other definitive work “Sale and Supply of Goods and Services” which we reviewed when we met him two years ago.

Retaining the same scope and purpose as previous editions of `Christou on Drafting’, the fourth edition, five years after the last one, aims to continue to provide all the essential precedents in one volume. It’s accompanied by the necessary legal commentary and explanation in 18 chapters, divided in four parts, covering virtually every commercial and business relationship you are likely to encounter within your practice.

Since the last edition was published in 2004, it has been completely updated to include the latest developments in statute and case law; for example exclusion and limitation clauses in both consumer and business to business relationships. Also noteworthy is that the new volume also incorporates changes in employment law over the intervening years – including pensions and transfer of undertakings.

This is a scholarly, reliable and logically structured resource ably written by Richard and assisted by Robert Crossley, both of whom are experts in this field of law. The work covers, both extensively and intensively, four basic areas: the supply of goods and services…agency and distribution…mergers and acquisitions…and other commercial agreements, including joint ventures, confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, teaming agreements, securities for debts, dispute resolution and settlement… and technology licensing agreements.

All recent legislation and case law is incorporated into the precedents and commentary — and reference is made to EU legislation and decisions by the Commission. Do note that when you need to come to grips with that quaintly titled Unfair Contract Terms Act (UCTA), highly experienced solicitor that he is, Richard Christou provides the definitive explication and analysis of the Act under virtually every category, from test of reasonableness to EC law considerations.

In this the definitive work of reference on the subject of commercial agreements, you’ll find copious Tables of Statutes, Statutory Instruments, Cases and European Community Legislation therein.

There is a most useful accompanying CD which will save much time, and comes with a helpline link containing data files of the clauses in this almost 800 page volume- but it is not as heavy as it looks! The law is generally stated as at September 2009 and remains an excellent guide through the complexities of drafting your commercial agreements as used and accepted in modern practice.


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