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Practical Commercial Precedent 4volumes Looseleaf



Practical Commercial Precedents sets the standard for drafting commercial contracts and agreements. It provides all the documents and clauses needed, together with expert advice and guidance to prepare documents for virtually every commercial situation. Each precedent document is supported by a clear explanation from a team of expert contributors, offering guidance on selecting the right document and advising on alternative clauses that might be required to deal with specific situations. The exhaustive range of precedent documents, detailed information and clear commentary give all the help needed to deal with virtually every conceivable business activity. * Contains complete contracts and agreements for commercial activity * Offers alternative clauses to cater for specific situations * Provides detailed commentary on the meaning and significance of each clause * Examines relevant aspects of commercial law and considers the tax and stamp duty implications * Each area is compiled by specialists in that field * The full text of the precedents is now also available on disk in Word format to enable speedy drafting of documents without the need to re-key


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