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On Joint Ventures



Hewitt on Joint Ventures 6th edition examines transactions where two or more existing companies agree to establish and participate in a common enterprise or business-related activity. It identifies the principal issues raised by a range of transactions, sets out the relevant background law and suggests ways of dealing with issues that arise. Hewitt on Joint Ventures is written in a clear and practical way covering a range of specialist areas of law affecting joint ventures alongside useful checklists and precedents. To provide detailed commercial guidance whilst being tailored for the practitioner. Coverage: Provides in-depth examination of all aspects of joint ventures and a range of collaborative relationships Covers the practicalities involved in the drafting, negotiating and setting up of joint ventures Guides you through the planning stages of a joint venture or alliance Identifies and examines the principal issues raised by an array of transactions, including: Capital and funding; Governance and management; Minority investment and protection; Deadlock and breakdown; Duties between joint venture parties; Transfers of shares; Exit termination and change; Disputes – mediation, litigation and arbitration Sets out the relevant legal background Suggests ways of dealing with issues that may arise Includes a range of precedents and checklists, which also feature on a CD-rom for ease of use Recognizes the international nature of many JV agreements Guides the reader through complex and specialist areas of a JV, with chapter by chapter coverage of Tax planning; Competition and regulatory controls, IP and technology, Employment and Accounting New to this Edition Hewitt covers up-to-date reference to important case law in recent years affecting joint ventures, including case law developments regarding: Good faith obligations Default provisions and law of penalties Transfers of shares in alleged breach of pre-emption rights The duties of directors of joint venture companies Hewitt also covers the: Increasing impact of laws relating to anti-bribery and corruption The challenges affecting joint ventures with local parties in key international jurisdictions (Brazil, China, India, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates)


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