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Building Contract Dispute: Practice and Precedent 3 Volumes



Building Contract Disputes is the definitive guide to handling and resolving construction disputes. It deals with every type of dispute, and covers every method used for seeking a solution.

This substantial work provides comprehensive coverage of litigation, arbitration, ADR and adjudication. Major issues are regularly incorporated as they occur, and legal principles typically applicable to practical problems are discussed and explained. The procedures are examined in meticulous detail, and the work includes an unrivalled selection of precedents, both for inclusion in the contracts and for use during the proceedings.

In an area where technical terms abound, clear definitions are provided, along with extracts from relevant codes, procedural rules and protocols, and details of trade associations, mediators, adjudicators and arbitrators.
* Summarises the main contractual provisions and relevant law
* Provides lists of key stages and considerations
* Goes through all the procedures and sets out precedents and pleadings
* Provides updated commentary along with new and revised documents
* Updating releases, charged for on publication, incorporate new procedures and add or amend documents as necessary


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