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Mergers & Acquisitions In Nigeria Law & Practice


Merger & Acquisition is an area that is as dynamic as the market itself, and allows for deal and process innovations that spur new regulations. In dreaming up the shareholder rights plan, or the position pill, in 1982 to give boards of a target company a chance to “level the playing field” and have time to weigh offers, renowned M & A lawyer, Martin Lipton explained that they “..had reached a whole new plateau of hostile takeovers, and there was really very little in the way of defense to them”. Lipton’s innovation did not come into popular use until after the Delaware Supreme Court cleared the path with a 1985 decision.

The book examines issues of corporate governance, corporate control & pursuit of profits, and protection of shareholders and ends with useful case studies, court forms and templates, which are intended to serves as a guiding-thread to the extensive literature on the transactional aspect of M&A.


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